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About the Licensing Advice Project

The Licensing Advice Project (LAP) is provided by Westminster Citizens Advice Bureau. When the Licensing Act 2003 came into force, Westminster City Council wished to ensure that ‘interested parties’ (as they were known at the time) were aware of and could exercise their rights and responsibilities under the new regime, and in 2005 approached Westminster Citizens Advice with a view to the CAB establishing an independent service to provide advice to the community exclusively on licensing matters. The LAP was established, and is now into its seventh year.

How it Works

The LAP provides a free, independent, impartial and confidential information, advice and representation service on matters relating to Licensing Act 2003 and related legislation. It also provides advice on the sex establishment and Gambling Act 2005 applications. The LAP operates in accordance with the twin pillars of the Citizens Advice service, which are:

The service is open to any resident of the City of Westminster (including residents’ associations and amenity societies), and covers a range of issues including resolving problems with the current operation of a premises or making views known on licensing applications. Sometimes this will be an outright objection to the grant of a licence, and sometimes it will be reaching an agreement with the applicant over hours, conditions, agreements etc, without the need for the time and expense of a hearing.

We are open everyday during office hours, or you can leave voicemail or email messages at any time.

We can advise you by email, telephone or face-to-face, whichever is most convenient.
As well as individual members of the public, we are happy to advise residents associations and other groups.

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